About Choizez

Choizez is a food delivery platform with 0% commission, charging only a small $1 platform fee rather than a percentage of their sales. Choizez connects customers with local food vendors, but does not charge them a percentage of their sales in exchange for the service. This means that the vendors can keep more of their profits and pass on the savings to their customers.

Customers can browse the Choizez’s website or mobile app to discover a variety of food and beverage options, including cuisine type, menus, prices, and customer reviews. Once desired meal is selected, customers can place an order and pay online through a secure payment gateway that protects their personal information. 

Once the order is placed, order will be sent directly to the restaurant for preparation and packaging. The order is then picked up by our delivery driver with real-time tracking, receive notifications about the status of their delivery and rate experience once the delivery is completed.

By removing commission fees, Choizez can help local food vendors expand their customer base and increase their revenue without sacrificing quality or service. It also provides customers with a convenient and affordable way to support their favorite local businesses and discover new dining options in their community.